Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day (Better Sweet)

So last sunday was my first Mother's Day. It was I spent the day with Anna. We went for a walk while Grant took a nap. Grant bought me a new car for mother's day. I talk to mom on the phone this was her first mothers day without her mom so I had to check on her make sure she was doing okay. Which I don't think she was but she wouldn't tell me. My grandma passed away the pass monday really early in the morning, she had a storke and never woke up. Then in the evening we went to eat at John's house Johnny is home and he made super for Jill and I for mother's Day which was really thoughtfull and the soup was really good to. When we got there Aunt Sara took Anna out of my arms before I could walk in the door. I guess she really miss her! Anna is four monts old now, and grow like a weed. She is a talker now which i need to video her because she is so funny. Everything is going good for now, and I'm actually happy for once.

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