Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching Up!!

So life is pretty good right now. Anna is growing like a weed. The poor thing is teething and is a little on the cranky side, but beside that she is still a pretty happy baby. She makes me laugh everyday. I just can't beleive that May is almost over. My parents opened their pool last week. So I'm ready for it to starting staying warm so that the water warms up, I'm ready to go swimming. My mom bought Anna a float last year before she was even born so she can go swimming with mamaw and papaw. She is so spoiled and she is only four months old. We had lunch at grandma Grabers house the other day, and the boys were there. Anna just sat and Jills lap and laugh at Colin for a while it was really funny. Anna got to spend that night with her Aunt Jill and the boys. I'm guess they had fun cause Colin didn't want her to leave, he started to get upset when I came and got her. Oh this is kind of off the wall but I just want to say Congrats to my two BBF Britneny she is in the process of finishing her social work degree she will be done in june, and Jessica for finishing Pharmacy school, she is now offical called Dr. Love, so yeah for them.

Anna in her shades.

Anna modeling her Bikini
Anna acting like she is a big girl!!

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