Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just A Little Udate

So Grant and I have decide to push back the wedding a year or so. I'm thinking about going back to school. I want the timing to be right, if anybody knows what I mean. we are settled in our house I just have some painting to finish up and a little be last minute decorating stuff to add then it will be home. Anna is growing like a weed. she is starting to sit up on her own and she is starting to talk alot more. She is so funny she has a little bit of a temper on her which is funny but not really I just hope she isn't like that when she gets older. we have a very busy weekend this weekend. Anut Sara has prom i will post pic when I get them, she will be very pretty in her dress. I'm not being baises or anything!!! Grant's B-Day is saturday too he will be 26( he will probably get mad at me for posting that!!) oh and we have Amanda and Todd's wedding recipiton. Amanda is Grant and Sara's cousin , and she watching Anna on friday and any other I have to work. I love her so much. Anna and Amanda are big buddies too it is funny. Well that is it for now Anna is getting cranky she needs her morning nap. So I got to go.

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