Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Namesakes/First weekend back to work

This picture is of Marlene, Anna, and Jill. Grant named her after them and also he named her after their grandma Graber who's name is Anna Marie (but I don't have a picture of them together yet) For those who don't know Grant and Jill's mom is no longer with us she die of cancer a few years. Grant told me one time that he name Anna after the women who are important to him.

I also went back to work this past weekend. It was alittle rough on me I miss Anna alot I was always thinking about her. From what I understand she also gave her dad a little bit of a hard time. I tired to tell him that mommies always make things better and that some day there will be nothing I can do for her, and all she will want is her daddy.

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