Monday, March 23, 2009


So March a flew by. I can't believe that April is almost here and Anna will three months old. So April 1st we will be living in our house I gave Grant a move in date. April is going to be a busy month Grant b-day is in april and Amanda and Todd wedding reception on the same day as grant's b-day, we aslo have prom all in the same day, oh and I'm having a lia sophia party to. So I think I found a place for us to get married yeah for that!!!! that is about it on the wedding plans. work is going ok, I enjoy haveing the week off, but i'm sure it is going to hard to since the weather is strarting to get nicer, but oh well .

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  1. glad ya'll are doing good! i too think march just flew by! i'm back to work now, first day back was yesterday.