Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sara and Anna

So this picture is Anut Sara and Anna this picture was taking on one ther her snow days. Let me tell you a little about and Aunt Sara and Anna, They love each other very much, the are also two peas and pot, they are the bestest friends. Anna loves her aunt very much. She looks forward for her to come home from school everyday. Sara will come home and pick Anna up and hold her for a while before she has to back for softball. Then she come home and plays with her. They sit on the couch together and Anna just sits there and stares at her willl she plays nintendo ds, and every now and then Anna will yell at her, to make sure Sara know shes there then everything is fine. Anna and I love Sara alot and will miss her very much when we move out. We just may have to move Sara in with us !!

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