Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello To Everyone!!

Just wanted to give an little on my little family. I got my wisdom teeth cut out last Friday, I'm still kind of recovering from that, my jaws still kind of hurt I don't remember a thing Dr. Monesmith in Jasper did the procedure. I got the gas and an IV sedation. My dad took he said I acted like I was drunk. All I remember about the whole thing was getting there and then I was at home it was wonderful. I took Anna to get her 6 months shots the other day, when we go there we were like number 28 and we got there at like 9 am, we waited forever I will not go back to that clinic again. My birthday is coming up towards the end of sept. actually it is the 30th of sept. just to let people know. Anna is keeping me very busy theses days. She is always finding some corner to crawl in or finding some shoe to try chewing on. She is a mess. She has this fake cry that she does every time I change her clothes or diaper, she is very funny. Turkey Trot is coming up trying to decied if I want to go I mite take anna one nite durring the week not for sure if i will ask off that weekend or not I only get one weekend off a six week placement. So I choose my weekends carefully.So I have talked about everybody but Grant he is fine still the same old Grant. He will be in Chicigo next weekend first weekend since we moved in together he will be gone. So Anna and I will on our own that weekend, but my friend Sara and Holly will be home so we'll have stuff to do.

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  1. good to hear an update on you guys! glad your wisdom teeth came out and you're doing good with it!